Malaga for the Climate with the IPCC

Malaga, 3-7 March 2020

Prof. Dr. Diana Ürge-Vorsatz

Vice Chair, Working Group III, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University

A science-based transition

The Malaga for the Climate with the IPCC Forum aims to present to Malaga’s citizens, through the world’s leading institution in the field -the IPCC of the United Nations-, the current scientific consensus on the impacts, causes and solutions to the climate crisis in the Mediterranean region, with particular focus on the city, territory and province of Malaga, in order to catalyze collective action from all socio-economic agents.

To this end, Professor Dr. Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Vice President of Working Group III of the IPCC, will base her contribution on the “Global Warming of 1.5ºC Report” (SR15), adapting it to the local context, and suggesting recommendations for action in the political, economic and social spheres, in order to foster the necessary debate.

For social justice

In response to the demands of equity and democracy from social movements, the process must be as participatory, inclusive and democratic as possible, ensuring all voices and viewpoints are heard, and the most vulnerable people and groups are placed at the center of the positive transformations to be undertaken.

The Forum strives to take these principles into the highest consideration, both in terms of contents and methodology.

Through cooperation

The ultimate goal being to involve all stakeholders of the city and province in the design and implementation of solutions, we count with the main public institutions (City Council, University, and Government of the Province), and we will also invite civil society and the business world to participate. 

In short, the Forum aims to initiate a broader and more ambitious process towards a 2050 climate action plan for the entire province, in order to propel a fair socio-economic transition, based on science and cooperation, and all while reversing rural depopulation.

Program & registration

The Forum extends over 3 days in March (Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 and Saturday 7), at different locations (OMAU, UMA, La Noria, Malaga city center -Climate Journey-, and Rancho Limón). Each session being independent requires mandatory REGISTRATION:

Tuesday 3 – morning:
City and coast

Impacts, mitigation and resilience strategies for Malaga and Mediterranean cities

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Tuesday 3 – afternoon:
Youth and university

Expert panel and open debate: “Science, university, and youth for the climate”

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Wedn. 4 – morning:
Rural areas

Impacts, mitigation and resilience strategies for the province and rural-urban interface

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Wedn. 4 – afternoon:
Climate Journey

A climate journey across Malaga to see impacts, causes and solutions to the climate emergency

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Saturday 7 – festival:
Local Futures

Local Futures: Economics of Happiness Festival at Rancho Limón. Workshops, food & music

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